Changing Color (Hue/Saturation) of Individual Layers
using Adobe® Photoshop® Elements

(Corel® Paint Shop® Pro, Adobe® Photoshop®, Corel® PHOTO-PAINT,
             and Microsoft® Picture It!® Digital Image Pro would follow similar instructions)


What you’ll need:
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements (or Photoshop)
Simply Sampler Volume 1 CD

What you’ll learn:
How to change colors of individual layers
How to make layers invisible
How to add your own titles or journaling

  • So, you like the Welcome Baby Layout on the Simply Fun Volume 1 Version 2 CD, but you have a little girl and her name isn’t Philip!  Let’s see how easy it is to get the look you’re after in just a few simple steps: 

  • Just open Welcome Baby.psd and click Layers at the top right of the menu panel so the Layers Palette expands, as shown below. Note:  The layout template includes all layers shown, except the photo and date, which I added.

  • Select the Background Paper by clicking on it in the Layers Palette:

  •  Press Ctrl<u> (or Enhance / Adjust Color / Hue/Saturation) to bring up Hue/Saturation Dialog Box and adjust numbers as shown below (or slide the slides to come up with your own preferred color):

  • And just like that the Blue Background Paper will change to a soft Pink!

  • In this example, I repeated the steps above for each layer in the layer palette I wanted to change (lower and upper title mats, button row, button pin, sample lower title, and photo mats).  The layout looks like this so far:

  • I then made the upper title invisible, as this isn’t the title I want for this layout.  Just click the EYE image in the layer palette on the Sample Top Title layer.  Just like that it disappears!

  • Next, I added a different title by clicking the Text tool on the tool bar, setting the Text options as below, and clicking on the text color box.


  • Using the color picker tool, I clicked on the new pink background paper to pick the color for the text.


  • I then added my new title, and my layout is done!  Save as a .psd file to retain layers.  Save as a .jpg to share on the Internet (resize to 72 dpi for this option).  Good luck enjoying the ease and versatility of digital!

 Michelle Shefveland,, Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved