Hardware and Software Requirements for using Simply Digital Downloads (updated 09/17/2011)

PC System Requirements*
Microsoft Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7
PC-compatible digital imaging software package that supports PSD, PNG, and JPEG files (commonly used software:
Adobe® PhotoShop® and Photoshop Elements®, Corel® Paint Shop Pro® 7 and higher, Corel® Photo-Paint, Ulead® PhotoImpact® 7 and higher, and Microsoft® Picture It!® Digital Image Pro)

Mac System Requirements*
Multi-core Intel processor
Mac OS X
Mac-compatible digital imaging software that supports PSD, PNG, and JPEG files (commonly used software:
Adobe® PhotoShop® and Photoshop Elements®)

*A photo quality color printer is recommended, if printing layouts

Simply Digital Download Contents

  • The files in our zip download paks can be in the following formats: PSD (layered Photoshop templates), JPEG (papers), PNG (embellishments, overlays, Quick Page/ScrapOver templates, alphasets), ABR (Photoshop brushes) and are at 300 dpi resolution, unless otherwise stated. Our Photoshop Action downloads are in ATN format and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS and above.

  • For a tutorial on how to purchase and download from us, click here.

Simply Digital Download Products Overview
Welcome to the exciting world of digital scrapbooking with Simply Digital
products from CottageArts.net. It is our hope that you will enjoy creating lasting memories with them, as much as we enjoyed designing them!  Our products will guide the novice user to a better understanding of digital scrapbooking, as well as challenge those more experienced to modify our designs into their own incredible works of art.  The downloads are fairly easy to use, but below is a quick overview on how to use them with your digital imaging or graphics software program of choice. Because our customers use different image editors with our products, this document will not give step-by-step instructions. Tutorials on our website and blog, will help you with specific steps for creating digital layouts depending on your software of choice. We also have downloadable training products here for more assistance.

Embellishments and AlphaSets
Embellishments and AlphaSets are saved in .png format (PNG), in order to keep their transparency and enable you to drag them into your layouts without a border of white around them. Those which do not need transparency are saved in .jpg format. If your image editor opens a PNG file and has a jagged black border around them or white background, then it doesn’t support PNG files.  All of the software mentioned above will support these file types, as well as others not listed.  Please check your software documentation for file formats supported.

There are some fun, unique embellishments we created that you are sure to love adding to your layouts like buttons, frames, fibers, slide mounts, torn paper, ribbon, charms, tags, eyelets, etc. 

One point we’d like to make is when you open a JPG or PNG file within Adobe Photoshop/Elements and try to click and drag it into a layout, you might find the image is LOCKED.  To unlock an image in Adobe Photoshop/Elements see image and instructions below:

The Padlock image in the Layers Palette indicates layer is partially locked.  Double Click anywhere in the layer box in the Layer Palette, then press OK when dialog box appears.  Or click the check box next to the grayed out Padlock to UNLOCK layer.  You can then select the move tool to click and drag the image into your layout.

Many of our embellishments were created with a slight drop shadow for dimension and realism.  However, some of them were intentionally left without one, allowing you to customize the shadow.  In Adobe Photoshop Elements, this can easily be accomplished in Layer Styles/Drop Shadows. We usually select Low or Soft and then adjust the direction and intensity of the shadow in Layer>Layer Style>Layer Settings.  For a more detailed tutorial on adding drop shadows, click here. Most other digital imaging packages can also apply a drop shadow. For example, the steps to create a drop shadow in Corel Paint Shop Pro are Effects>3-D Effects>Drop Shadow>Customize dialog to your preference.  Look in your image editor’s help documentation for more details. 

Page Paks
Page Paks are digital kits of coordinating background papers (normally in 12x12 format) and embellishments, as well as AlphaSets on occasion.

Background paper designs are saved as JPEG files in full-size at 300 dpi for excellent print resolution.  JPEG (.jpg extension) files are extremely versatile and are compatible with virtually all software packages that can insert an image.  This even includes word processing software. However, we recommend you use an image editing or graphics package in order to have the maximum flexibility with our images. 

Once you open a background image in the software of your choice, you can add photos, text, and embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind layout.  You can then save it in PSD file format, if possible, as this will retain all of your added layers.  If your image editor does not support PSD file formats, save the page in the software’s native format.

You can resize background papers to whatever size you wish, but remember to constrain proportions so they do not get distorted.  You may also crop these to any smaller size and maintain high print quality.  A favorite technique is to layer background papers on top of each other, “tear” each of them into different sizes and shapes, then apply drop shadows, giving a life-like 3D appearance.  Again, see our tutorials for more step-by-step help.

You can print the paper backgrounds for use in traditional scrapbooking and collage art, as well.  Epson has 12” x 12” archival scrapbook photo papers for use with inkjet printers.  This is very exciting, as it’s a favorite paper size for scrapbookers.

See above for more information on embellishments and alphasets.

ScrapOver Templates
These all-in-one-layer templates are PERFECT for those NEW to digital scrapbooking, or those who want to create ultra-quick pages. Simply ScrapOver Templates are provided in PNG format to maintain transparency of the photo masks (openings in templates), in which you simply drag photo(s) beneath. Add your own personal journaling, if desired (unless otherwise stated, title art is included), and you are ready to print or post on the Web. See our step-by-step tutorial on using these fun and easy tools. The templates are compatible with most image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Picture It! Digital Image Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact.

Scrap.Templates are fully-layered PSD files compatible with
most image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Picture It! Digital Image Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact. Use our Scrap.Template series to speed layout creation by pasting your favorite papers and photos into the different colored shapes (each on their own layer).

For printing options, click here for more information.

For more step-by-step tutorials using our products, click here.

Now you are ready to go play!  Thank you for buying our product, and we hope it is a great addition to your scrapbooking tool base.  Just e-mail us at support@cottagearts.net, if you have any questions or concerns. We will do our best to reply within two business days. 

Happy Scrapping!

The Team at CottageArts.net